The Arab people of Saba is a most reserved and notoriously eerie people. Living in the south of Arabia they are protected by the unrelenting desert to the north. Moving amongst the environment like ghosts they befuddle any army foolish enough to enter their domain with their vast expertise on desert warfare and ambushes. With the Kushites and Rich Egypt only a hop over short waters they can mount a full invasion without fearing for the protection of their homes.

Their armies utilize the powerful and tall camels in the front line rather than in the baggage train. The distinctive smell frightens cavalry and lets Saba's camelry cut to shreds any opposing horsemen. Their fierce warriors hardened by years of scavenging and hunting in the brutal desert environment will not flee easily. And their archers can loose a devastating volley in the cruelest of desert winds. Saba is not a state to be trifled with.

However the fertile lands of Arabia cannot maintain an empire for long, and if Saba has international aspirations they must seek to find new and more fertile lands. The soldiers of the desert will emerge from the fires of their harsh lives to devastate the luxurious towns of the urban civilizations. Their hearts forged in adversity will triumph over the decadence of the old empires!


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